Cancellation Period

You are entitled to cancel the Validation Process instructions to Legal Quest PLC at any point within 14 days of us receiving your signed authorisation and payment for the Validation Process. Legal Quest PLC will refund 100% of the retainer thereto, if a cancellation notification is made within the stated 14 day period.

If you choose to terminate the instructions after the 14 day cooling off period has expired, you may do so verbally or in writing and Legal Quest PLC and/or any assignee's will immediately cease to act for you. Any/all documentation will be either filed for safe keeping or destroyed, with an electronic copy retained for a period of six (6) years from the date of termination. Any refund shall be calculated deducting any actual direct cost(s) incurred together with a modest hourly administration charge of £20.00 per hour + VAT, with a maximum of 4 hours which will be itemised and billed accordingly, with the balance amount refunded within 14 days from the date you terminate the instructions.

If you have instructed Legal Quest PLC on the Dispute Process we will engage one of our preferred legal panel solicitors to act and you have signed a separate CFA or No Win – No Fee agreement* with us, the terms and conditions of that agreement shall remain legal and binding unless you are formally released by written agreement from your obligations there under.

You are free to cancel the Dispute Process at any stage without financial penalty, however, if an offer has already been received from your lender, prior to your cancellation, then you will still be liable for our fees as detailed in the CFA unless the offer is rejected by you and a revised offer is given, which is 20% higher than that we achieved for you, in which case you will owe nothing.

*Cancellation Fees may apply once legal work has started on your case.